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ADARS (Alcohol & Drug Assessment & Referral Services)

Our Specialty is working with Criminal Lawyers and persons throughout Alberta seeking a Curative Discharge.

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What is a Curative Discharge?

Alcohol and drug Dependency is considered a DISEASE, and Canadian Courts and Legislatures have acknowledged this fact and have enacted Section 255(5) of the Canadian Criminal Code. This section of the Criminal Code permits a Court to grant a “Curative Discharge” instead of imposing a conviction:

Impaired driving or Failing the Breathalyzer, section 253 of the Criminal Code commonly referred as Impaired Driving, if convicted it brings severe negative consequences such as:

  • Imprisonment – Thirty (30) days jail time for a second offence, one hundred and twenty (120) days jail time for third offence.
  • Criminal Record – can impede and restrict your ability to travel. May limit your career and employability.
  • Suspended Driver’s License – loss of freedom of movement, restricted employability, family conflicts, limit your social leisure lifestyle.
  • Financial – Legal fees and fines, increased insurance costs, alternate transportation, inability to meet financial commitments etc.
  • Emotional – shame, regrets, guilt, embarrassment and undue stress to significant others in your life