About Us

ADARS Professional Team

Chris Suchit and his team are seasoned addiction counsellors. They work conjointly with families, couples, medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. He also has experience providing services to clients with mental and physical challenges, including clients with ESL. Temporary foreign workers who may not speak English have also hired ADARS. Christopher does liaise with health professionals, local lawyers and organizations like the Addiction Research Foundation, AADAC (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission) and impaired driving programs.

Mr. Suchit’s Expertise

Christopher Suchit is a very seasoned and experienced Substance Abuse Professional with a solid track record as an Expert Witness. He has received numerous accolades from Judges, Crown Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers on the quality of his work.

Additionally, he brings 44+ years’ experience as an Addictions Specialist/ Substance Abuse Professional in different roles.

  • Addictions Research Foundation of Ontario
    13-years progressive responsibilities with the (ARF) – Ontario. Gained broad and varied experiences in the Addictions field – commenced at Detoxification Centre, Counseled individuals and families whilst managing a 39-bed co-ed Inpatient Addictions Treatment/Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Senior Addictions Counselor
    Ten years of dedicated service with Alberta Health Services formerly - Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC). Counseling families, couples and individuals. Group facilitation and delivery of lectures and workshops.
  • Executive Director
    Oversee the entire operations of a 64-bed inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility that offered two co-ed programs.
  • Program Supervisor
    31 years of experience managing and facilitating the IMPACT Program, three-day weekend program mandated for persons convicted with multiple impaired driving convictions.
  • Quality Control – IMPACT Program
    Manage and Supervise the IMPACT program delivery.
  • Trainer
    Facilitated Training Workshops for Management, Supervisors and Staff in detecting and intervening when substance abuse may be occurring in the workplace.


Was charged with Impaired Driving. I decided to seek professional help with Mr. Suchit. I quickly realised that I had no problem drinking but stopping was!!!!!!! I made a commitment to total abstinence. Based on Mr. Suchit’s assessment counselling and treatment recommendations I was granted a Curative Discharge.
Camille A.
I was charged with IMPAIRED DRIVING, if convicted I faced deportation. I sought counselling with Mr. Suchit, I made a commitment to total abstinence, I joined AA and I have been sober since. Based on Mr. Suchit’s expert testimony in court, assessment and treatment recommendations I was granted a Curative Discharge. I now have a new lease on life and I am enjoying an alcohol-free lifestyle and loving it.
Indika D.
I was a binge drinker. I was charged with the operation of motor vehicle whilst impaired by alcohol. With the help of Mr. Suchit, I made a commitment to total abstinence and I have been sober since.
Thanks to Mr. Suchit for his expert testimony in court, assessment and treatment recommendations; I was granted a Curative Discharge.
Rajeeva M.
You have helped me to change my life more than anyone else and I thank you for that.
Troy F.